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KFC India - Specially-Abled

One of our How We Win Together2 principles — Believe in All People — is built on the importance of actively seeking diversity, believing everyone has the potential to make a difference and coaching and supporting every individual to grow to their full capacity. Believing in all people, we take great pride in creating employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

The success of our specially-abled restaurant programs are driven by a 360 degree approach to developing specially-abled team members with a focus on hiring, training, creating an enabling work environment with tailored equipment, engaging the team members and assisting their development for growth and career progression.

Yum! India

Yum! India opened the division’s first specially-abled KFC restaurant in 2008 and has since expanded to 21 speech and hearing impaired stores across the country, employing over 300 team members, seven shift managers, and one Assistant Restaurant Manager, who are all speech or hearing impaired. The Yum! India team plans to continue developing these types of restaurants with a goal of opening another five specially-abled KFC restaurants in 2015.

In March 2013, the Yum! India team received the Presidential award from India’s President Pranab Mukherjee for their outstanding performance as an employer of people with disabilities, and in March 2014 they also received a 2014 Economic Times Retail Award for its focus on employee diversity

KFC Thailand

Hear Every Dream Logo

Hear Every Dream Logo

KFC Thailand runs a program called We Hear Every Dream, which provides KFC careers for the hearing-impaired. The first specially-abled KFC restaurant in this country was opened in 2012. The team installed new machines, equipment and a special management system. Hearing-impaired associates were extensively trained on order-taking procedures and understanding customer preferences. Other team members working at the same location received training in communicating with the hearing-impaired to assist them as needed when providing services. Hearing-impaired team members receive the same compensation and career growth opportunities as others in similar roles in the organization. Today, Thailand has three restaurants operated by specially-abled associates.

KFC Pakistan

KFC Pakistan’s specially-abled restaurant program is called, ‘Mitao Bhook’ meaning ‘Beyond Selling Chicken.’ In 2014, KFC Pakistan celebrated the opening of its 8th specially-abled restaurant and the 8th year of its program in operation.

KFC Pakistan have twice been recognized and awarded by The International Business Award – The Stevies for their work in this area.

Americana Franchise Group

Our Americana franchise group opened the first specially-abled KFC restaurant in 1994. The restaurant in Cairo, Egypt is completely operated by deaf people and features special signage and back-of-house equipment to ensure a great experience for both customers and team members. Americana expanded to a second restaurant in 2000 and the success of both locations has led to a total of three restaurants across the region.

KFC Spain

Spanish law requires that 2.5% of any large corporation’s workforce must be specially-abled. KFC Spain has gone above and beyond this requirement and currently 3% of their workforce is specially-abled, with plans to grow this number in the future to 10%.