Engaging Our Associates

We believe “the more you know, the more you care.” As a result, we actively encourage open dialogue across the entire organization and continuously seek feedback to assess how we are doing as a company. Engaging with our associates is a priority at Yum! and we achieve high levels of engagement within our system in several ways.

Leadership Engagement

Leadership visiting restaurantOperations teams spend a considerable amount of time in our restaurants—a minimum of 80% of their time is spent in our restaurants, not in an office. This means that each member of the Operations team talks monthly to associates about their work, lives and the business.

Our Executive Teams also spend significant amounts of time in our restaurants, observing and speaking directly with employees and customers. These discussions often lead to improvements in associate programs and operations procedures, as well as new product innovations.

The brand and division senior leadership teams conduct roundtables, team meetings, focus groups, conference calls and webcasts for global audiences. In 2014, 28 global webcast sessions were conducted in order to connect global partners and share best practices.

Greg Creed hosts a quarterly “Chat with Greg” webcast for all global associates to share updates about our business, answer questions and listen to feedback and ideas. Greg also communicates frequently to the global system through our internal social network, where he shares his travels, visits to restaurants, personal thoughts on the business, celebrates and recognizes accomplishments, and seeks input from others.

Employee Engagement

Our associates are our greatest brand ambassadors, and engaging them in our business is a priority.

In 2014, parts of our business implemented an employee engagement survey at the team member level aimed at giving every team member in our global business a voice. We know that our customer experience will never exceed that of our team member experience. Given this in addition to our commitment to our people, we use these survey results to enhance our team members’ experience by bringing our culture to life at the restaurants.

In 2011, our Russia market introduced the Customer Maniac Club—a select group of Restaurant General Managers (RGM), Area Managers and team members who embody the concept of customer mania. This group, nominated each year by a committee of above restaurant leaders, receives special acknowledgement at the annual RGM conference. Nominees are invited to attend the RGM conference of a sister market to meet peers, share best practices, visit KFC restaurants and sightsee. In 2014, the group visited our China division.

KFC UK launched KFC Voice in 2014, an employee engagement tool that enables every team member to provide feedback on their KFC experience. The survey is based upon our four engagement pillars, Pride, Grow, Connect and Customer, and enables us to measure team member engagement at an organization and restaurant level. This initiative is a key part of our model to build a great culture by providing each Restaurant General Manager with a feedback report they can create an action plan against with their team. For our first KFC Voice run in June, there was a 65% participation rate. Moving forward, the two main surveys will take place annually.

Leadership visiting restaurantPizza Hut US is focused on connecting with employees on their level. Through an innovative training style, team members have the chance to fail in a safe environment and see real-world outcomes of correct and incorrect choices. Team members are active participants in their learning experience, and by collecting hearts and smiles, see how important their contributions are to Pizza Hut. The use of Gamification for training has proved to be a great success so far, with 94% of team members saying they enjoyed the game-like interaction and 97% saying they will remember and apply what they learned. Additionally, Pizza Hut US also provides social media platforms for employees to interact and share posts.

At Taco Bell U.S., employee engagement is a critical part of executing new product launches. In 2014, Taco Bell piloted a new survey methodology called The Pulse, which allows team members to provide feedback regarding culture in the restaurant. Team members can take the survey at the restaurant or at home (where applicable) via their mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. This program is the brand’s first opportunity to connect with and receive feedback directly from team members to truly understand the restaurant from the team member perspective. The insights gained so far will lead to future Human Resources initiatives and it is our goal to create a great place to work and structure incentives and rewards around what is most important to the our restaurant employees. The Pulse pilot surveyed approximately 30,000 team members and is set to launch nationally to all restaurants in June 2015.

In September 2014, Taco Bell launched a blog that brings the company’s Brand Soul to team members. This innovative platform asks team members to share how they are adding more flavor to their lives and to express their Live Más moments. Team members share hobbies such as painting and travel and what is important to them outside of work, including family and their education. This blog allows team members to share their individuality and gives Taco Bell the opportunity to connect with team members in a whole new way.

Taco Bell has also utilized social media in an effort to engage and recognize restaurant employees across the country. The use of social media outlets such as Instagram and Facebook to recognize employees allows Taco Bell to bring their recognition culture to life in new ways, engage employees, and share their appreciation with a mass audience. Now, stories shared by customers of employees providing great service are broadcast across these channels to give employees recognition on a greater scale.

Grateful Rallies at Taco Bell have been created to show team members how grateful we are for them and to say thank you for everything they do. In mid-2015, these rallies will take place in all restaurants across the nation in an effort to connect team members to the brand, review our purpose, promise, and principles, and ensure that we feed our employees’ lives with Más, so that they can feed others.