Investing in Technology to Build People Capability

Yumnet and Yammer

In 2014, Yum! introduced a global platform for communications and collaboration called YumNet. Currently, YumNet is only available to above-restaurant employees in all divisions, but expansion to field and restaurant employees is being explored. YumNet and Yammer, YumNet’s internal social networking tool, allow people to connect, share content and collaborate globally in ways they couldn’t before. In its first six months, Yammer had more than 50 percent adoption, which exceeded industry standards.

Yum! Earns Top Industry Honor for Learning Technology

We were recently recognized for leading the way in learning innovation, earning the 2014 Excellence in Practice Award from CorpU for Learning Technologies. Our Yum! University Learning Technology Team leads breakthrough innovation in its global work with technologies such as Learning Zone, Centra Saba Meeting and mobile platforms. Learning Zone reaches more than 708,000 associates worldwide and had a record in May 2014 with nearly 1.4 million course completions. In total, more than 35 million courses have been completed in Learning Zone over the past three years.The CorpU Awards honor corporate, non-profit and governmental learning organizations that improve business and employee performance. Past winners of the CorpU Learning Technologies award include Microsoft, Paypal, HP and Boeing.

Our learning and development strategy hinges on our ability to implement a global learning technologies platform. Developing and leveraging a global technology platform has improved efficiency and reach for the learning function and transformed the way people learn. This one-system approach has improved consistency, reduced paper and waste, ensures training is timely and allows managers to track and measure training in a more reliable, less time-consuming way.

Restaurants that have implemented the global learning technology have demonstrated lower turnover and higher customer satisfaction. This is a huge impact for our business that has helped drive success throughout the organization.

High-Tech Lens Innovating KFC Restaurant Training

KFC utilizing Google Glass at checkout counters in test restaurantsA great example of technology being used for our restaurants was recently explored when KFC U.S. had a vision to condense an 80-page instruction manual into an interactive video that would play on a screen the size of a fingerprint. And they did just that by developing a Google Glass platform to explore how team members train and respond to the fast-changing restaurant environment. It's still too early to tell how adoption of Google Glass might be integrated within KFC restaurants, but it’s certainly serving as a learning tool and showcasing how to elevate training through technology.

Following in KFC’s footstep, Taco Bell U.S. partnered with the technology company Interapt and Google to develop a pilot program for the use of Google Glass in the restaurant in 2014. The pilot begins in January 2015 with ten restaurants. Each one will be provided Google Glass in place of the usual training materials for new food initiatives. Software will be loaded on Glass that will teach and test team members how to build new menu items right on the line, bringing on-the-job training to a new level.

Further, Taco Bell is currently testing using tablets for Area Coaches to complete their Success Routines on a digital platform. The Area Coaches in the test have been provided a tablet and training on how complete their routines on the tablets during their restaurant visits. This programs aims to not only make the lives of Area Coaches easier, but also find effective uses of current technology in the restaurants.