Water Conservation In Action

United States: Optimizing Irrigation

Irrigation sprinklers are one of the hidden users of water. They are set to run early in the morning before our facilities open. We are aware of this consumption and are implementing water conserving technologies in our restaurants in 2013 to reduce the amount of water used for landscaping. We are also taking action at our corporate office in Louisville, Kentucky including installing high efficiency sprinkler heads and controls to reduce water consumption by 30%. That saves about 1 million gallons of water each year.

France: Innovative Rainwater Use

Beneath a KFC parking lot in France is a 20,000 liter tank that holds rainwater collected from the roof. Although not seen by many people, this system, currently under test, is responsible for providing irrigation water to keep the landscape green and for providing water to restrooms.

India: Efficient Faucets

Washing hands is a must in restaurants and customers and associates at our green restaurant in Chennai, India are now washing their hands in a more earth-friendly way. This facility installed highly efficient water saving aerators in 2012. These small inserts for faucets control the flow rate of water and yield significant water savings. In fact, we anticipate a savings of over 18,000 gallons of water per year.